I’m an active member of the media + tech + sports community in New York and beyond, and I’ve had the privilege of building some great products with great people. I’m also very passionate about helping women in technology.

ESPN.com Redesign

We completely redesigned ESPN.com, launched in April 2015 – it’s responsive, personal, and fast. This was a huge part of my career and I worked with countless amazing people to bring this to life.

YieldMo’s Women Crush Wednesday: Tech Edition

I was part of a panel of incredible women in technology and media, hosted by YieldMo. It was a truly unique event, focusing on career paths and tough decisions.

Cynopsis Media’s Top Women In Digital

I was humbled and honored to be selected as a “Rising Star” in Cynopsis Media’s 2015 Top Women In Digital Awards. I’m continuously inspired by the amazing community of women in technology and media.

Musings on Journalism

I wrote my prediction for journalism in 2015 for Nieman Lab – media companies will finally realize that content creators are their most important users.

PrePost and SNDMakes

SNDMakes brings together the smartest minds in media + technology to discuss and create solutions for journalism in a digital world. My team built PrePost, a tool for content creators to preview their content across social media platforms.

espnW Hack Day @ Stanford

We brought together female technologists and sports fans for a day of hacking with the ESPN APIs.

ESPN NFL Playoff Machine

If you’re a football fan (especially if you’re a miserable Jets fan), this thing will destroy all productivity.


I worked with some incredibly talented people on the original launch of Grantland.com.