Hi I’m Dheerja! I lead product for an awesome startup called theSkimm. If you’re not already a reader, definitely check it out. I’ve been a reader for two years, well before I joined the company, and it’s my go-to news source every morning. We break down the top news of the day in a fun, conversational, and often snarky way.

I graduated from Columbia University’s Engineering School in 2008 and started my dream job at ESPN as a web developer building killer sports products. I eventually moved into product management, leading product for the most recent redesign of ESPN.com, and also working on ESPN’s mobile products. I am and always will be a developer and certified API nerd 🙂

I was born a sports fan and spend my free time despairing about the Jets and US Soccer, my consolation being my numerous fantasy football championships. You’ll find me in Brooklyn when I’m not backpacking around the world!

Enjoy your visit!

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Raja · June 22, 2010 at 7:38 pm

What happened, no more blogging? I NEED UPDATES… Blog on bhangra too!!!

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