After days, weeks, MONTHS of searching I still haven’t found a picture that captures the Tim Duncan face.

Now Tim Duncan is a pretty expressive person, and his faces range from tragically pathetic…

…to frighteningly enraged

But neither holds a candle to THE face. I’m talking about the I-just-fouled-but-I-totally-didn’t-deserve-that, C’mon-ref-pleeeeease, Look-at-how-sad-I-am, I’ll-do-my-best-Little-Foot-Land-Before-Time-impression-to-show-you-how-upset-I-am Tim Duncan face. You can see it every single time he fouls, his pleading brontosaurus-esque face towering over the ref. But I have yet to see a picture that truly embodies this mixing pot of emotions.

Find the face and I’ll devote an entire post to you (best prize ever. I know.)

Create the face here and you can guest write a post (WOW.)